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For well over a decade, Concordia Visiting Nurses has provided high-quality skilled nursing and a variety of therapy services to people in the communities we serve.

Our goal is to deliver quality home health services, in good faith, to those who entrust themselves to our care – and to minister to the unique needs of each individual with respect, dignity and compassion.

Many people are surprised by the number and variety of health care services that are available in the home setting. Concordia Visiting Nurses employs nurses, therapists and many other health care professionals to foster recovery, rehabilitation and health education.


Concordia Visiting Nurses is part of Concordia Lutheran Ministries, a full continuum of care.

For more than 130 years, Concordia Lutheran Ministries has been a place with a mission of caring. A place for healing. A place to feel comfortable. And a place where heartfelt Christian faith and a strong sense of service to others help us make a difference every day.

Our services include:
Skilled Nursing Care
In accordance with physician’s orders our Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses (RNs and LPNs) can perform most all of the services you would receive in a skilled nursing facility: giving injections, providing wound care, instructing patients in self-care, teaching family members, monitoring progress and coordinating care given by other professionals.

Social Workers
Concordia Visiting Nurses social workers assist the patient with personal and financial situations; emotional and community support and counseling; and living in a new environment such as a relative’s home or personal care facility.

Physical Therapy
Helping patients gain strength and coordination by administering and monitoring exercise routines, sometimes through the use of special equipment.

Occupational Therapy
Re-teaching patients the use of their hands and other fine motor skills, as well as cognitive skills to those challenged by stroke or other neurological ailments.

Speech Therapy
Speech Pathologists provide treatment for speech, hearing and language communication; assist with cognitive functioning and loss of handwriting abilities, as well as swallowing and nutritional needs.

TeleHealth combines advanced communication technology and health monitoring equipment to gather and transmit a patient’s vital signs to one of our health care professionals. The TeleHealth information is reviewed daily and our nurse and the physician address any early warning signs or problems immediately. The combination of daily monitoring at the Concordia Visiting Nurses’ office and early intervention greatly improves the quality of care. Learn more about Concordia Visiting Nurses TeleHealth Technology here.

Disease Management and Specialty Services
Concordia Visiting Nurses’ Disease Management Program is a special clinical pathway for chronic disease management, and is one of the main tools we use to manage the quality for our agency concerning the standardization of care processes. Our program promotes organized and efficient patient care based on the evidence-based practice. Concordia Visiting Nurses’ Disease Management Program optimizes outcomes in the acute care and home health care setting. Learn more about Concordia Visiting Nurses Disease Management and Specialty Services programs here.

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Our History

On December 4, 1882, Margaretha Oertel executed and signed a deed releasing her farm to Rev. Frederick Wilhelm (St. Luke, Hannahstown), Rev. Peter Brand of Pittsburgh, and Rev. Kilian Walz of Sharpsburg, Pa.:

In trust for the following uses and purposes, to wit: to provide thereon and therewith a home for orphan children and other children in need, and aged and indigent men and women, under the consent, direction, and authority of the Evangelical Lutheran Concordia Synod of Pennsylvania and Other States

In the event that the Synod should be dissolved, all its rights to the property and Home would be forfeited.

The pastor-trustees wasted no time in organizing the Home. They asked their fellow pastors and congregations to elect delegates to a meeting where they could establish a formal structure for the Home and determine how it would operate.

Surely, the eyes of God have been continually on the little farm in Cabot. He has rewarded Concordia’s faithful servants with an organization that today operates with a multi-million dollar budget. More than 1,000 people and 36 Lutheran churches continue to help support Concordia in its mission of “Serving the Triune God by providing for the needs of His people.”

While our diversification has always been driven by the growing needs of those we serve, it has also required changes in our organizational structure. Thus, on July 1, 2006, Concordia formally reorganized into a family of companies. As a result, a new not-for-profit parent holding company was formed, using the well-established name Concordia Lutheran Ministries, with corporate subsidiaries created as separate entities under this umbrella. Specifically, Concordia Lutheran Ministries Foundation was created to focus on fund-raising, charitable giving, and investments.

Concordia Visiting Nurses became an official subsidiary corporation to enable a more focused and defined growth in home care. The main operating subsidiary company was given the new name Concordia Lutheran Health and Human Care and continues to provide our traditional continuum of services.

Concordia Visiting Nurses History Timeline

  • 1998 Professional Home Health Services licensed, now known as Concordia Visiting Nurses is created
  • 2002 Concordia Visiting Nurses opens Baden Branch Office
  • 2003 Concordia HomeHelp begins operation –corporate name Alliance Visiting Nurses
  • 2007 Alliance Visiting Nurses restructured and relocated to Greenville, PA
  • 2008 VNA Alliance formed through a partnership with St. Paul Homes in Greenville and Wesbury United Methodist
  • 2009 VNA Alliance adds Meadville Medical Center to the partnership.
  • 2010 VNA Alliance adds Grove City Hospital to further serve northwest PA.
    Good Samaritan Hospice partners with Heritage Valley Health System
  • 2015 Concordia Community Support Services is created as a management company
    Concordia Visiting Nurses partners with Heritage Valley Health System, Butler Health System, St. Clair Hospital and Washington Health System; also established a separate company for private duty services called Concordia Private Care
    Good Samaritan Hospice partners with Butler Health System
  • 2016 Concordia Visiting Nurses opens a South Hills office
    Washington Health System partners with Concordia Community Support Services to form Concordia Hospice of Washington
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Maintaining the Highest Standards of Quality

Concordia Visiting Nurses is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in the care we provide. You can be sure that when our staff visits your home, they have impeccable credentials and are highly skilled in their areas of expertise. All of our employees undergo a rigorous screening process that includes:

  • Verifying licenses and certifications
  • In-depth reference checks
  • Extensive orientation and skills testing for competency
  • Complete criminal background checks

Additionally, all of our employees must sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure our client’s privacy. Concordia Visiting Nurses is fully bonded and insured.

To learn more about Concordia Visiting Nurses Quality of Care, click here or on the icon to the left to watch our video

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